Day 10: Still Truckin’


I am now nearing the end of day 10!  I am almost halfway to my goal of 21 days.  This week I feel sooooo much stronger than I did last week.  Yesterday I went to Circuit Breaker, and today I don’t feel like I want to DIE!!!  🙂  I am able to actually run now without feeling like I’m having a heart attack, and the muscles in my legs and arms are feeling so much stronger.  Last week I lost a half-inch off my waist…did you read that…a HALF INCH!! Holy cow!

Has it really only been a little over a week?  This can’t be right!  How is it that I have been able to get back into shape so quickly!  I’m going to attribute this to the fact that I lost nearly 20 pounds this go round before I started to work out again.  I think that maybe this has made getting back into exercise a lot easier for me.  This is my theory, anyways!  🙂

I am happy to report that no more banana nut bread incidences have occurred since Monday.  I have been true to my diet and my 1200 calorie/day plan.  Tomorrow is Thursday, which brings me one day closer to my Saturday grad school class.  Guess I better go be a good that student I’m always preaching to my students about!

Until my next post, I hope you all have a fabulous night!


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