Day 8: Weakness and Strength


I have now completed day 8 of this challenge. Yippee!!

Completely Innocent…Maybe 🙂

I would call today successful if not for one teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy mishap.  Today, after lunch, I strolled into the teacher resource room to fill up my water bottle (I had very innocent intentions), and there before me sat boxes (and, yes, I mean BOXES) of leftover treats from an event at school this past weekend.  Cupcakes, brownies, and chips literally followed me with their sugary,salty-goodness eyes as I crossed the room to get my water.  I innocently (yes, again with the innocence) perused the treats looking for something to give to my new student teacher.  I peeked into a box and spotted little baggies filled with pieces of banana nut bread.  I glanced around one last time, snatched up the bag, and hurried out of the room.

Once back in my classroom I handed my smiling student teacher her delicious treat!  Of course she said, “There’s so many pieces in here.  Don’t you want one?”  I shrugged and said, “I really shouldn’t…but one piece won’t hurt.”  Let me tell you…that banana nut bread was the greatest banana nut bread I EVER tasted!!!! (sorry, Mom)  So, what did I do…yep, I ate another piece!! UGH!!!  What was I thinking!!

Lesson Learned

I could kick myself for being weak, but I don’t think two little pieces of bread are going to kill me.  The trick is, though, making sure that this doesn’t become an everyday occurrence.  This is ALWAYS how it starts with me.  I make an exception one time and it’s almost as if I open the flood gates to everything else.  Well, not this time!! I am willing to accept my mistake and move on, keeping in mind that this type of mishap shouldn’t be a regular event! I am, however, REALLY looking forward to my brother’s party this weekend (the only time I have set aside as a cheat day) to eat, drink, and be merry. 🙂

Today’s Successes

I am trying to manage my time well this week.  I have a lot to do in the way of school work and grading, not to mention exercising.  I made time for a Zumba class tonight even though I had the weight of all this work bearing down on my shoulders.  Tomorrow I will go to Circuit Breaker, and this banana nut bread fiasco will be behind me.  

Until my next post, nighty night!


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  1. Lol. Sorry, Mom. I doubt it was actually better than yours. Considering I haven’t had sugar in a while I think it just had the illusion of being the BEST banana nut bread ever. I’m sure in a blind taste test your’s would come out on top for sure! 🙂

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