Day 7: I survived week 1! Heck YEAH!


Well, folks!  I did it!  I SURVIVED WEEK 1! I must say that I am very pleased with this accomplishment.  I’d say that of all 7 days’ challenges, I stayed true to my goal at least 95% of the time.  The only thing I kinda cheated on was sticking to the 1200/cal. a day diet.  The only days I ate more were yesterday and Friday.  Of course, even then, on Friday I only ate about 1400 calories, and Saturday I ate about 1600 calories.  My workout yesterday was really hard and I was left feeling pretty hungry.  So, basically, I’m not feeling guilty about it at all because even though I went over…I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to…and that’s HUGE!!!  

At night is when I tend to want the sweet stuff, especially after dinner.  Instead of reaching for that mint chocolate chip ice cream that my husband had me buy the other night on my way home from belly dance, (that was pretty evil of him considering he knows I CAN’T HAVE SUGAR RIGHT NOW!), I would make myself a cup of hot tea and sweeten it with liquid stevia (Vanilla Creme is my fav.).  If you haven’t discovered liquid stevia drops yet you need to look into it, especially if you’re trying to go sugar-free.  They’re a fantastic alternative to sugar.  I have vanilla creme, chocolate, peppermint, and toffee flavors.

Sunday/Plan Day

So, today is Sunday/Plan Day.   So far this morning I have planned out my workout schedule for the week. I made sure to stay true to my challenge and plan for at least five days.  There’s something about writing it down ahead of time that makes me feel like I HAVE to do it!

Next, I planned out my menu for the week.

Monday: Turkey meatloaf, roasted green beans with mushrooms, balsamic vin., and parm.

Tuesday: leftovers from the night before (we always have left over meatloaf)

Wednesday: Easy Garlic and lemon shrimp, sautéed zucchini

Thursday: Veggie soup (I made a huge batch of this yesterday to take for lunches, and I’m pretty confidant that we’ll still have some of this left by Thursday), grilled cheese (this is for the hubby, not me)

Friday: we usually go out (I need a day off cooking :))

Saturday: I have class all day Saturday and it’s My little brother’s BIG 30th birthday party (this is the only cheat day I’ve allowed myself for the whole 21 days)

Now that everything’s planned out for the next week I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I know that I have a lot going on this week because I have class on Saturday and a TON of stuff to grade, but I’m putting myself first!  I WILL exercise and I WILL eat well!

Here’s my favorite part.  Look at my sign!

Do you see how the days are marked off on my calendar.  Each day that goes by I’m getting stronger, leaner, and healthier!  I LOVE that!

So, until next post, I hope everyone has a great Sunday!  🙂


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