Day 1 Begins!!


My Latest Creation

I decided that to truly be successful with my 21 Day Challenge I would need a little inspiration.  Well, I LOVE to plan fun stuff and I clearly LOVE to make cute charts.  So, I created some charts and put them on my refrigerator.  Every day that I’m successful I will mark that day off of my calendar on the left.  I took this same approach when I quit smoking.  I have been smoke free now for over a year and a half, so clearly this works for me!! 

Let’s hope it works this time as well.

I have also planned out my meals for the week.  They are as follows:

Monday: Banquet in honor of my husband’s dad

Tuesday: Filet mignon, roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Taco night (minus tortilla chips for me), homemade salsa

Thursday: Grilled chicken, sautéed cabbage

Friday-Sunday:  Not quite planned yet (we never know what we are doing on the weekends)  🙂

I feel as though I’ve planned very well for the week.  I take my lunch to work everyday and I eat a healthy smoothie for breakfast every morning.  I’m READY!! 🙂


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