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Day 3: The pain and joy of exercise!


Well, folks!  I made it through day 3.  YAY!!  Now, let’s talk about the exercise.

So, if you saw the cute little posters I made for this 21 Day Challenge then you also saw my work out schedule for the week.  Yesterday I started back to this super intense class at my gym called Circuit Breaker.  The teacher is this amazingly fit and motivating woman who makes you give more when all you want to do is give up. (don’t you just love teachers like that!)  Yesterday before class I told one of my fellow Circuit Breakers that I was SCARED!!!  I haven’t been lifting weights AT ALL for the past several months, so I knew I was in for an extremely sore day today.  During our class we completed a Spartacus workout (you know, the workout that creates those 10-pack ab guys from the show Spartacus).  CRAZY HARD!!! It’s 10 circuits total.  You do one exercise for 1 minute going as hard as you can, then you spend 15 seconds rotating to the next circuit.  After you’ve completed all 10 circuits you take a 2 minute rest, only to do it again….and again for good measure.  Pushups, lunges, split jumps, goblet squats, etc., etc., etc.  You get the point.

Sore…is an understatement for what I am today.  It pretty much hurts to lift my arms, not to mention the stairs I have to climb to get to my classroom. OUCH!!  The worst part is, though, that I know tomorrow is going to be worse!!!

I walked for 30 minutes today to try to combat the soreness for tomorrow.  I’m hoping it’ll help do the trick.

But, here’s the BEST part, this pain I’m feeling today (and most definitely tomorrow) DOESN’T MATTER because I’M ON A MISSION!!!!  I know that today’s pain is only a stepping stone to a slimmer, healthier, more toned, new me!!!  I am willing to endure this pain if it helps me get closer to reaching my goal weight and ideal health!  I REFUSE to be weak anymore!  

I know that I may have weak moments, who doesn’t, but I will not let those moments define me.  I will learn from them and move on.  YEAH!

(Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little pep talk) 🙂

Luckily, tomorrow’s exercise is an extremely fun one that I am all too happy to return to after nearly a year off…belly dancing.  We have a fabulous belly dance studio in Chattanooga with wonderful teachers and an inspiring atmosphere.  I can’t wait! Yip!

Until tomorrow, I hope everyone has a fabulous night.  🙂


Day 2


Well, I survived yesterday!! 🙂  I even turned down the TWO desserts staring me in the face last night at the banquet we attended.  Woohoo!

I realized last night that I had given info about my dinners along with my exercise schedule for the week, but I have a KILLER smoothie recipe that I thought you might enjoy.  I drink this smoothie for breakfast nearly every  morning, and it keeps me full for several hours.

I got this recipe from my best friend since Kindergarten, Cari.  She’s given me lots of recipes over the years, including this one!

Berry Smoothie


  • 1 c. frozen or fresh berries (I use a combination of blueberries and strawberries, but you could use whatever berries you like.  FYI, if you use fresh berries you’ll probably want to add some ice)
  • 1/4 c. non-fat plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 c. unsweetened almond milk (you could use regular cow’s  milk if you want, just watch for any added sugar)
  • 1 rounded scoop vanilla whey protein powder (try to find the kind without any added sugar.  It will keep you from crashing)
These are all the products I like to use.  You could use any variation of these.


Simply mix everything together in a blender, pour into a cup, and enjoy!

  • Here’s just one helpful hint when drinking this absolutely “so delicious you’ll think you’re drinking a milkshake” smoothie, keep some dental floss nearby.  The blueberries especially like to hide in the tiny crevices of your pearly whites.  🙂 
Hope you like it! 🙂 

Day 1 Begins!!


My Latest Creation

I decided that to truly be successful with my 21 Day Challenge I would need a little inspiration.  Well, I LOVE to plan fun stuff and I clearly LOVE to make cute charts.  So, I created some charts and put them on my refrigerator.  Every day that I’m successful I will mark that day off of my calendar on the left.  I took this same approach when I quit smoking.  I have been smoke free now for over a year and a half, so clearly this works for me!! 

Let’s hope it works this time as well.

I have also planned out my meals for the week.  They are as follows:

Monday: Banquet in honor of my husband’s dad

Tuesday: Filet mignon, roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Taco night (minus tortilla chips for me), homemade salsa

Thursday: Grilled chicken, sautéed cabbage

Friday-Sunday:  Not quite planned yet (we never know what we are doing on the weekends)  🙂

I feel as though I’ve planned very well for the week.  I take my lunch to work everyday and I eat a healthy smoothie for breakfast every morning.  I’m READY!! 🙂

21 Day Challenge


For me, this year has been an experiment in health and weight loss. So far, I have lost 20 pounds and have successfully kept it off for the past several weeks…until today! My laziness has crept back up on me and all of that hard work I put in is starting to fade, not to mention my energy levels! Today, I saw that scale take a turn for the worse! The cycle continues!!! UGH!

So, I’ve decided to give myself a little challenge…a 21 day challenge to be exact! I spent several weeks during my weight loss journey completely cutting out certain foods!

“Don’t you feel so deprived?”

I was consistently asked this question by so many people! My answer was always, “YES! But indulgence is what made me FAT in the first place. So, a little deprivation is okay!”

As soon as I lost that 20 pounds I began adding pretty much all foods back into my diet. My original plan was to take it slowly; but, of course, temptation got the better of me and instead of taking things slow, I dove right in! Cakes, breads, ice cream (oh, sweet, sweet, mint chocolate chip ice cream), creme brule, wine, beer, cookies, pretzels! You name it, and I ate and drank it! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Here is what my 21 Day Challenge entails.

I’m saying NO to

  • any added sugars
  • alcohol
  • starchy carbs (breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, etc)

I’m saying YES to..

  • 1200 calories/day (I’m a pretty avid record keeper when it comes to counting calories)
  • exercise at least 30 minutes/day 5 days/week (this one will probably be the hardest one)
  • dairy once a day (greek yogurt in a smoothie in the morning won’t count, but I freakin’ LOVE cheese!)
  • lean proteins (chicken, fish, lean red meats)
  • veggies GALORE!!!

My 21 day challenge will start tomorrow 2/27 and will end on Sunday 3/18. I will keep you updated regarding my progress. Hopefully, at the end of this challenge I will feel more energetic and maybe a few pounds lighter! 🙂

Wish me luck!